This package comes with a built-in CLI for running a resolver web application.

$ python -m curies resolver --host --port 8764 bioregistry

The positional argument can be one of the following:

  1. A pre-defined prefix map to get from the web (bioregistry, go, obo, monarch, prefixcommons)

  2. A local file path or URL to a prefix map, extended prefix map, or one of several formats. Requires specifying a –format.

The framework can be swapped to use Flask (default) or FastAPI with –framework. The server can be swapped to use Werkzeug (default) or Uvicorn with –server. These functionalities are also available programmatically (see get_flask_app() and get_fastapi_app()).

Similarly, there’s a built-in CLI for running a mapper web application.

$ python -m curies mapper --host --port 8764 bioregistry

The same flags and arguments are applicable.