get_bioregistry_converter(web: bool = False, **kwargs: Any) Converter[source]

Get the latest extended prefix map from the Bioregistry [hoyt2022].

  • web – If false, tries to import bioregistry and use bioregistry.get_converter() to get the converter. Otherwise, falls back to using the GitHub-hosted EPM export.

  • kwargs – Keyword arguments to pass to :meth`:curies.Converter.from_extended_prefix_map` when using web-based loading.


A converter representing the Bioregistry, which includes a comprehensive collection of prefixes, prefix synonyms, and URI prefix synonyms.

Short summary of the Bioregistry:

  1. It deduplicates and harmonizes dozens of different resources that curate partially overlapping and conflicting prefix maps

  2. It contains detailed CURIE prefix synonyms to support standardization

  3. It enforces the generation of a self-consistent extended prefix map

The Bioregistry’s primary prefixes are all standardized to be lowercase, have minimal punctuation, and be the most idiomatic possible. When this conflicts with your personal preferences/community preferences, you can chain another converter in front of the Bioregistry converter using curies.chain().

However, the Bioregistry itself presents a more sustainable way of documenting these deviations in a community-oriented way using its “context” configurations. See for more information. One excellent example of a community context is for the OBO community (see, which prioritizes OBO capitalized prefixes and makes a few minor changes for backwards compatibility (e.g., renaming Orphanet).